Trend Micro Rewards • Deal Reg

Once you have completed training we are confident that you will be ready to identify an opportunity and subsequently register a deal with Trend Micro. 


In order to be eligible for Trend Micro Rewards • Deal Reg you will need to be a participant of our Trend Micro Rewards Programme. If you have already signed up for the programme you will receive an introduction to the deal reg initiative on day 10 of our email nurture series. 

Once eligible, the deal reg creator will receive 50 x Trend Micro Reward Points (€50) for every accepted deal reg in the SMB (1 - 500 seat) space. Also, once the same deal closes there will be an additional reward of 150 x Trend Micro Rewards Points (€150) which brings your total reward up to €200 for registering and closing a deal. These rewards can be earned an unlimited amount of times therefore Trend Micro Rewards • Deal Reg is truly the pinnacle of the Trend Micro Rewards Programme!

If you have not signed up for the Trend Micro Rewards Programme and would like to participate in our deal reg initiative please make a request for participation to your Trend Micro Account Manager.

Once you have signed up for Trend Micro Rewards • Deal Reg you will receive the email previewed above on day 10 of the email nurture series.

How to sign up?

If you would like to participate in Trend Micro Rewards • Training and Trend Micro Rewards Deal Reg (sign-up for both initiatives within same process) you can request a sign-up form from your Trend Micro Account Manager

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