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The Trend Micro Rewards Programme was launched in late 2017 to integrate the multiple methods to earn rewards with Trend Micro. We want to enable you to identify and develop business opportunities within the small to medium sized business segment and maximise your potential. In order to attain this position one must have the necessary experience, training and guidance – this is the objective of the Trend Micro Rewards Programme. 

This programme has been discontinued. More..

The cornerstone of the Trend Micro Rewards Programme. We want to provide you with the training required to uncover more business opportunities. To help us achieve our ambition we will reward you for completing your first Sales Essentials Online Training course. More..

If you are a current user of Trend Micro's MSP Programme then all you have to do is grow your install base to earn a reward! If you are not currently selling one of our MSP solutions then there is no need to worry because as soon as you do, the rewards will come! More..

Once you have completed training we hope that you will be ready to identify an opportunity and subsequently register a deal. The deal reg creator will be rewarded for every accepted deal that is registered and the reward can be earned an unlimited amount of times! More..

Trend Micro Reward Store

Have a Trend Micro Rewards account and want to spend your points? You can shop in the online Trend Micro Reward Store at any time!

TMRP - Email Nurture Series

Once a Trend Micro Partner Account has signed up for the Trend Micro Rewards Programme their contacts will enter our email nurture series. Sign-up for the Trend Micro Rewards Programme consists of eligibilty for Trend Micro Rewards • Training & Trend Micro Rewards • Deal Reg (Trend Micro Rewards • Foundation is a closed initiative and Trend Micro Rewards • MSP may depend upon submitting a request to participate)

Contact Sales

If you have queries regarding the functionality of the Trend Micro Rewards Programme or need assistance with selling Trend Micro Solutions please reach out to your Trend Micro Account Manager. Also, if you would like to sign up for the Trend Micro Rewards Programme your account manager can enroll you today.

Who should I contact?

Trend Micro ICAM Team

Contact Support

If you encounter technical issues regarding your Trend Micro Rewards account or you are tracking a delayed order then please contact our rewards partner, AllGo, through the form beside. 

Please note that vouchers can take between 12 - 24 working days to arrive depending on location and the type of voucher chosen (digital v tangible).

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