Trend Micro Rewards • MSP

Interested in becoming a Trend Micro MSP? Or are you trading MSP business already? If you are a current user of Trend Micro's MSP Programme then all you have to do is grow your install base to earn a reward. If you are not currently selling one of our MSP solutions then there is no need to worry because as soon as you do, the rewards will come! 

The rules are simple: the more you grow, the greater the reward. You will receive €1 for every additional seat you add to your portfolio this quarter! Any Partner that receives an invite email from Trend Micro is eligible to win but if you have not received an invite and would like to participate you can make a request to your Trend Micro Account Manager.

Trend Micro Reward • MSP - The basics

• The minimum number of additional seats that must be achieved is a 50 seat growth.

• Exclusively available to those that have received an invite from Trend Micro.

• Incremental growth is based on current quarter activity

• Vouchers can only be claimed once and will be delivered 6 weeks after the quarter has closed

• Monthly usage reports have to be submitted on time for the current quarter

Eligible products

1. Worry-Free™ Services 

2. Worry-Free™ Advanced

3. Worry-Free™ Services Advanced

How to sign up?

If you would like to participate in Trend Micro Rewards • MSP but have not received an email invite you can make a request for participation to your Trend Micro Account Manager

Received the email above? Then you are eligible for Trend Micro Rewards • MSP this quarter!

* €1,000 is the maximum reward that can be earned within the quarter

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